Terms & Conditions of Hire


“The Company” is A-Z Marquees Ltd and/or their subcontractors or agents.
“The Hirer” is the person hiring equipment from the company.
“The Equipment” is all items provided to or hired by the hirer.

  1. “The period of hire” means the time commencing with the arrival of the equipment on site, and terminating when the equipment is removed by the company. “The hire agreement” is the contract entered into by the hirer and the company.
  2. The Site: The hire charges are arranged on the assumption the ground is firm, level and flat, and that there is easy access for motor vehicles and staff, and no underground services are buried beneath the surface, i.e. drains, pipes, cables, as no responsibility for damage shall fall on the company. The hire charge does not include making good repairs to the site. Special rates may be payable if any of the above items are too adverse.
  3. The Hirer: Must check that all items ordered are delivered and if any of the items are missing, wrong or faulty this should be drawn to the companies attention, to which every effort will be made to rectify the problem. But the company reserves the right to alter items to the nearest substitute if necessity arises. A charge may be added if the tent and equipment are not left in the condition to which they were received.
  4. Damage: During the period of hire all damage or loss is the responsibility of the Hirer and all loses will be charged for, (other than fair wear, and tear, and acts of god).
  5. Insurance: All risks of the equipment pass to the Hirer at the start of the period of hire, and repass to the Company at the end of the hire period. Insurance to the value of the equipment should be obtained and the Company name as the loss payee.
  6. Cancellation: In the event of cancellation a fee may be payable to the Company.
  7. Liability: Cannot be accepted for any delays or non-performance due to:
    1. Loss or damage of any of the goods by Fire, Storm, Tempest or Accident.
    2. Strikes or industrial disputes.
    3. Weather conditions.
    4. Problems caused by Public or Local Authorities to which the Hirer should have obtained prior permission.
    5. Injury incurred to persons or property during the period of hire.Unless prior arrangement full settlement to be made on completion of put up. Unless prior arrangement a deposit of 25% is required to secure
  8. Payment: Unless prior arrangement full settlement to be made on completion of put up. Unless prior arrangement a deposit of 25% is required to secure
  9. The Hirer shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any of the amount payable under the Contract because of any disputed claim of the Hirer in respect of defective services or any other alleged breach of contract.
  10. The above conditions form part of the Contract for Hire and by the acceptance of the equipment, the Hirer is deemed to have accepted these conditions.